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What was traded with people overseas
a) Animal skins
b) Ivory
c) All
d) None

what is ivory
a) Elephants tusks are made from
b) Elephants tail
c) Elephants
d) None

Where did Arabs sail to
a) Cape Town
b) Durban
c) Mozambique coast
d) none

What did Arabs exchange for ivory and animal skin
a) Glass beads
b) Indian cloth
c) Chinese pottery
d) All

What are herbalists
a) People who die
b) People who make medicines from plants
c) We call them nyangas in South Africa
d) All

Cancer bush plant
a) treated cancer
b) loss of appetite
c) liver problems
d) All

Buchu plant
a) used for stomach ache
b) Bladder problems
c) Aching bones
d) All

Plants were dried and
a) made into powder
b) sometimes they were burnt
c) All
d) none

Lyndenburg heads
a) Are found in Lydenbur Mpumalanga
b) found buried in the ground
c) none
d) all

Men made objects from forged iron is called
a) melting
b) forging
c) smithing
d) None

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