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Defintions Witwatersrand
a) Area in SA where dust was found
b) Area in SA where gold was found
c) Area where diamonds was found
d) Area where land was found

When was gold discovered
a) 1856
b) 1886
c) 1825
d) 1830

When was diamonds discovered
a) 1877
b) 1867
c) 1855
d) 1890

Definitions - Migrant worker
a) The system by which workers were made to leave their homes and families, work for a fix period before returning home again
b) Workers for slavery
c) Black workers
d) Black and white workers fighting

Why are the dates 1867 and 1886 important dates in SA history. 4 marks
a) Rare and wealthy minerals were discovered
b) SA quickly became an industrialization country
c) It laid the foundation for racial tensions
d) All

What is trade union
a) Marching of people
b) The union buildings
c) A group of people usually in the same field of work fighting together for better work conditions
d) The ANC

Why would factories would want to band trade unions. 3 marks
a) Threat to their profits
b) Trade unions can make strikes possbile
c) Demand better conditions for the factory workers
d) All

Why would parents send their children to work in factories
a) Parents had no choice
b) Parents were paid very few wages
c) Children needed to work to help feed the family
d) All

a) Clain the land
b) Fight for the land
c) Take land away from someone else
d) Distribution of land

What were the working conditions of many children in the factories
a) They were terrbile
b) They worked long hours
c) Punished for mistakes made to do dangerous jobs
d) All

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