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Which flower structure produces pollen?
a) style
b) stigma
c) anther
d) filament

Which structure contains the ovules?
a) stamen
b) style
c) peduncle
d) ovary

After a pollen grain germinates it produces
a) a pollen tube.
b) microspores.
c) megaspores.
d) a pollination droplet.

Which structures protect the flower bud?
a) petals
b) sepals
c) receptacle
d) peduncle

An embryo, stored nutrients, and a protective coat make up
a) a seed.
b) a flower.
c) an ovule.
d) megaspores.

In double fertilization
a) two sperm cells fertilize the egg.
b) one sperm cell fertilizes the egg of one ovule and the other sperm fertilizes the egg of a different ovule.
c) one sperm fertilizes the egg and the other sperm fertilizes the polar nuclei.
d) one sperm fertilizes the egg and the other sperm fertilizes the cotyledon.

What must all seeds get in order to germinate?
a) water
b) exposure to cold temperatures
c) at least 10 hours of sunlight each day
d) exposure to fire

A root develops from which part of an embryo?
a) the hypocotyl
b) the epicotyl
c) the hypercotyl
d) the radicle

A fruit that consist of only ovary wall and its contents is called a(n)
a) accessory fruit.
b) true fruit.
c) dehiscent fruit
d) indehiscent fruit.

What is the function of the endosperm?
a) to nourish the developing embryo
b) to produce flowers
c) to produce the root
d) to form the seed coat

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