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Who wrote things about the Khoikhoi and the San
a) They themselves cause they could write
b) The children in the villages
c) Other people wrote about the San and Khoikhoi
d) Nobody

Who is the American family that lived with the San in Botswana
a) The Thomas family
b) The Adams Family
c) The Marshalls
d) Nobody

What year did the Marshalls live with the San
a) 1920
b) 1931
c) 1950
d) 1900

Which country did the Marshalls get their information
a) America
b) South Africa
c) Africa
d) Botswana

Everything around us
a) Air
b) Wind
c) Environment
d) Fire

Stone Age
a) Tools made from brick
b) Tools made from mud
c) A time long ago when tools where made from Stone
d) Never

When did the San move around
a) Daily
b) monthly
c) with the different seasons looking for food and water
d) yearly

They knew alot about the
a) environment
b) could name hundreds of plants
c) could name hundreds of animals
d) All

How did the San hunt
a) They invented bows and arrows
b) Applied poison on their arrows
c) Used their knowledge about plants and animals
d) All

San lived in groups of families
a) Group could be 30 - 40 people
b) They had no leaders and chiefs
c) Treated each other equally and with respect
d) All

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