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Who made Rock paintings
a) The Khoikhoi
b) The San hunter gatherers made thousands of paintings on the rocks of southern Africa
c) The old people
d) Many generations

How do scientists find out how people lived long ago
a) They look for old objects buried in the soil
b) They dig up dead people
c) They go hunting
d) The go back in time

a) Directions
b) Some suggetion
c) Information that helps you to understand something
d) Ideas

How did the Khoikhoi live:
a) They hunted the San
b) They lived from the land and from their herds of animals
c) They hunted animals
d) They ate vegetables

How did the San Live:
a) They hunted animals
b) The collected wild vegetables
c) They hunted animals and collected wild vegetables and fruit
d) They hunted humans

a) Collect wild food
b) People that live from hunting animals and collecting wild food
c) Hunt people
d) Hunt animals

a) People that move from place to place
b) People that move daily
c) People that move from place to place with their animals
d) People that just live

a) A group of people of similar ages. Children, parents and grandparents are three ge
b) A group of people.
c) People
d) People of the country

Relatives who lived a long time ago
a) Ghosts
b) uncles
c) aunts
d) Ancestors

What does the paintings tell us
a) How they died
b) tells us how they lived
c) Where they lived
d) What they ate

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