Ch. 17 Stars Test Review Question Preview (ID: 42504)

Stars Review.

______ says that the farther a galaxy is away, the faster it is moving.
a) The Big Bang Theory
b) Hubble's THeory
c) Hubble's Law
d) The Big Crunch Theory

____ are the small asteroid-like building blocks of the planets.
a) Planetanimals
b) Planetesimals
c) Planet-blocks
d) Comets

A star's lifetime will depend on its
a) mass
b) temperature
c) color
d) brightness

Most stars are in this category on the H-R Diagram.
a) white dwarf
b) main sequence
c) supergiant
d) giant

A ____ telescope uses mirrors to collect and focus light.
a) relaxing
b) refracting
c) optical
d) reflecting

Astronomers use ___ to measure the distance to stars.
a) kilometers
b) miles
c) astronomical units
d) light-years

The Milky Way is an example of a ____
a) quasar
b) elliptical galaxy
c) spiral galaxy
d) irregular galaxy

A ____ is the remains of a star that has no fuel but continues to glow.
a) black dwarf
b) white dwarf
c) supernova
d) nebula

What color stars are the hottest?
a) red
b) blue
c) white-blue
d) red-orange

The most massive stars collapse to form a _____ or neutron star when they die.
a) black hole
b) white dwarf
c) neutron star
d) supernova

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