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Why is there change when you have conflict between or within societies?
a) Usually there is no change after conflict.
b) Change, either good or bad, will always occur after conflict.
c) Conflict and change is not a factor within any society.
d) Change will always be negative after a conflict.

What are the elements of culture?
a) Elements of a culture can include dress, food, or religious beliefs.
b) Culture is the way a group of people decides to work and rest.
c) The elements of culture are restricted to food and dress only.
d) Culture had no elements.

How does religion affect culture?
a) Religion does not affect culture in any way.
b) Religion is only one element of culture, so not much.
c) Religions can help shape a society by sharing each others beliefs.
d) Different religions in a culture will only affect culture a tiny bit.

Why do societies have cultural conflict?
a) Blending of different cultures can lead to fear and discrimination.
b) All societies have different cultures, but cultural conflict is unusual.
c) Cultural conflict is normal in society. It just happens.
d) Many societies change the differences in culture and all is well again.

How can government actions (i.e. laws) affect the culture of society?
a) Laws never affect the culture of a society.
b) Laws could prevent certain displays of a persons culture in public.
c) Governments never get involved in any aspect of the culture.
d) Governments wii never get involved with creating laws that affect culture.

How does a society adapt to its environment? (clothes, food)
a) Adapting to environment has nothing to do with food, clothes, or jobs.
b) Certain clothing may be needed if you live in a cold environment.
c) Society will adapt only if the government creates laws to make them adapt.
d) Today, society does not have to change to adapt.

Why would a society change its environment?
a) Society will change the environment if they need to. (More houses, stores)
b) Society will remain in its environment once it establishes itself there.
c) Will change only if government passes laws stating a need for change.
d) Society never changes its government.

What are the consequences (positive or negative) of human environmental interaction?
a) Human environmental interaction has no consequences.
b) People could deplete their resources by not managing them correctly.
c) Consequences of human environment interaction are not really up to humans.
d) What is a resource?

How might location affect the economy, culture, and development where you live?
a) Where people live does not affect the economy, culture, and development.
b) Location affects the resources available in an area.
c) The economy, culture, and development are affected by many people living ithere.
d) Location will only affect the economy and culture, but only a little bit.

What causes families to move?
a) Families may move due to starting a new job, schools, or to be closer to family .
b) Families usually do not move far from home.
c) Finding new jobs is the only reason families may move.
d) There are no good reasons for families to move.

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