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During this war, Israel gained land from Egypt, Jordan, and Syria:
a) First Arab-Israeli War
b) World War II
c) Six-Day War
d) Yom Kippur or October War

Resulted in the creation of the modern states of Palestine and Israel:
a) Treaty of Versailles
b) U.N. Partition of 1947
c) Collapse of the Soviet Union
d) Six-Day War

The movement to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine:
a) Perestroika
b) Glasnost
c) Zionism
d) Intifada

Which of the following countries does not border Israel?
a) Lebanon
b) Syria
c) Jordan
d) Iraq

Which of the following are among the areas currently disputed by the Palestinians and the Israelis?
a) The Gaza Strip and the West Bank
b) The West Bank and the Dead Sea
c) Jerusalem and Nazareth
d) The Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip

The collapse of the Soviet Union led to the creation of 15 newly-independent countries. Which of the following was not one of the fifteen?
a) Russia
b) Ukraine
c) Kazakhstan
d) Yugoslavia

Meaning reconstruction or restructuring, this policy was introduced by Soviet leader Gorbachev to reform the Soviet economy:
a) Glasnost
b) Perestroika
c) Intifada
d) Diaspora

This Soviet leader was responsible for mass purges and deportations of millions of people, including the forced removal of Chechens from their homeland in Chechnya:
a) Yeltsin
b) Gorbachev
c) Lenin
d) Stalin

This suffix means homeland, country or land of when added to the name of the people living in that country, such as Tajiki, Afghani, and Kurdi:
a) -ish, such as Turkish
b) -rus, such as Belarus
c) -stan, such as Kazakhstan
d) -abad, such as Islamabad

This Soviet leader was responsible for construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 to partition the East from the West and prevent East Germans from escaping to the West:
a) Lenin
b) Brezhnev
c) Khrushchev
d) Stalin

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