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For seeds to form
a) Pollination must first take place
b) They grow first
c) They have seedling
d) None

Learn page 50 Flowering part
a) Sepals - protect the flower when it is a bud
b) Filament - supports the anther
c) Style - supports the stigma and leads to the ovary
d) All

Learn page 50 Flowering part
a) Anther - male part that makes pollen
b) Insects, birds and wind carry the pollen from flower to flower
c) Petals - Attract birds and insects to the flower
d) All

Learn page 50 Flowering part
a) Stigma - Sticky female part that catches the pollen
b) Ovary - stores ova that will be seeds if fertilised
c) After fertilisation the flower grows and becomes a fruit
d) All

Animals are either born alive from
a) Their mother
b) Hatch from eggs
c) First 2
d) None

Death can take place at
a) the beginning
b) the end
c) any stage of the life cycle
d) none

a) Contains metal and gold
b) Rock that contains minerals and metals
c) contains dust
d) None

a) Matters of materials
b) Matter of gold
c) Qualities or characteristics of matter and materials
d) None

a) Can't bend or shape
b) able to be beaten and hammered into shape
c) breakable
d) none

a) Can be drawn
b) Drawn into pictures
c) Drawn into wires
d) None

a) Brown colour
b) Red colour
c) the reddish brown layer formed when iron combines with air and water
d) none

a) Carry water
b) Carries heat
c) Carries heat and electricity
d) None

a) 1 or no metal mixed
b) non metal mixed
c) two or more metals mixed together or a metal mixed with non-metal
d) none

a) easily material that bends
b) cant bend
c) Hard
d) none

a) Metal covered by another metal
b) Gold
c) Silver
d) None

Gold is malleable
a) No
b) Yes
c) maybe
d) neither

Copper is used
a) to make weapons and ornaments
b) conducts electricity
c) used for electric wires
d) All

Aluminium is
a) very light but strong
b) Used in aircraft construction
c) aluminum is more than any other metal on earth
d) All

a) Metal used to cover iron
b) Iron will not rust with zinc
c) water buckets are made of iron but coated with zinc
d) All

Metals can melt
a) at high tempratures
b) low temperatures
c) not malleable
d) none

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