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Substance any type of
a) Solid
b) liquid
c) Gas
d) All

a) Helps nothing
b) Substances that Helps living things grow
c) Cause things to die
d) None

Only eats plants
a) Carnivore
b) Herbivore
c) Omnivores
d) None

Only eats meats or other animals
a) Carnivore
b) Herbivore
c) Omnivore
d) None

Eats plants and animals
a) Carnivore
b) Herbivore
c) Omnivore
d) None

a) Plants need water to make food
b) They get water from the soil
c) Water also gives support and transports substances to the plant
d) all

a) Contaiins nutrients like mineral salts
b) Plants use their roots to take in water and mineral salts from the soil
c) Soil anchors plants in the soil
d) All

a) Plants need gas in the air called carbon dioxide
b) To make food
c) Plants take carbon dioxide through their leaves
d) All

a) Plants that produce
b) Or make their own food
c) None
d) First 2 answers

Food chain
a) The order in which animals eat plants and other animals to get energy
b) Get food from plants
c) Get food from the sun
d) None

Life Cycle
a) different stages
b) stages through which a living thing passes during its lifetime
c) changes
d) None

a) Pollen from animals
b) Pollen from bees
c) When pollen from the male parts of the flower reaches the female parts of the flower
d) None

a) Start to die
b) Start to grow
c) begin to sprout or grow into a seedling
d) None

a) when male cells in pollen join eggs
b) when male cells in pollen join eggs in he female parts of a flower to form seeds
c) germinate
d) None

a) To make more
b) When plants and animals produce offspring
c) Increase
d) None

a) Become more
b) When all the individuals of a type of plant or animal die and no more are left
c) None
d) Stop growing

Internal fertilisation
a) Joining of eggs
b) Joining of cells
c) Joining of male cells and female egg inside the body
d) None

External fertilisation
a) Joining of cells
b) Joining of egg
c) Join cells and egg
d) joining of male cells and female OUTSIDE the body

a) Movement
b) The order in which something happens
c) Growing
d) None

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