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a) cutting, surgical incision
b) rupture
c) bleeding
d) uncontrolable infection

a) disease
b) overly infected
c) the surgical creation of an artificial opening to the body surface
d) bleeding, abnormal excessive fluid discharge

a) abnormal condition, disease
b) uncontroable bleeding
c) surfacing to the top
d) facing downward

a) below normal
b) inflammation
c) disease
d) overly infected

a) abdominal hardening
b) pain
c) deficient, decreased
d) disease

a) without
b) surgical suturing
c) excessive, increased
d) cutting

a) inflammation
b) to remove
c) surgical incision
d) flow or discharge

a) inflammation
b) surigcal removal
c) bad, difficult, painful
d) abnormal condition

a) surgical removal
b) without
c) within normal limits
d) rupture

a) pain
b) rupture
c) flow or discharge
d) excessive

a) abdominal hardening
b) rupture
c) inflammtion
d) bleeding

What is the meaning of -algia?
a) cutting, surgical incision
b) surgical repair
c) rupture
d) pain, painful condition

a) flow or discharge
b) surgical suturing
c) abnormal hardening
d) uncontrolable growth

a) surgical suturing
b) surgical incision
c) surgical repair
d) bleeding

a) surgical repair
b) surgery
c) cancerous
d) bleeing

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