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Annals of history:
a) records
b) results
c) eras
d) heroes

to replenish supplies
a) need
b) refill
c) use
d) store

to demoralize the team
a) cheer
b) encourage
c) dishearten
d) train

to negotiate a loan
a) arrange
b) fail to pay
c) request
d) repay

to disperse the crowd
a) join
b) avoid
c) ignore
d) scatter

a landlocked country
a) surrounded by enemies
b) surrounded by air
c) surrounded by water
d) surrounded by land

to read an epic is
a) a romance novel
b) a short drama
c) a heroic poem
d) a biography

the intact fossil
a) whole
b) unearthed
c) broken
d) mysterious

the extremity of the universe
a) known regions
b) outermost point
c) researched part
d) most important part

inconspicuous places
a) far distant
b) dangerous
c) barely noticeable
d) obvious

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