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Unaligned forces pushing one part of a body in one direction, and another part the body in the opposite direction
a) The wedge
b) Compression
c) Hatching
d) Shearing force

A squeezing force.
a) Compression
b) The wedge
c) Shearing force
d) Hatching

An inclined plane or ramp.
a) Hatching
b) Shearing force
c) The wedge
d) Compression

A technique used by artists to enhance a drawing and make it look like more realistic by drawing parallel lines.
a) Shearing force
b) The wedge
c) Hatching
d) Compression

A solid beam that is supported only on one Side
a) Ink washes
b) Cantilever
c) Compression
d) Lintel

List THREE causes of structural failure.
a) Bending
b) Fracture
c) Toppling over
d) All of the above

Describe a queen post and state two of its uses in a frame structure.
a) Queen post has two supporting beams that are placed between tie beams
b) They are able to support a heavier load
c) They span for longer distance and thus it is able to be used for bigger building
d) All of the above

Mention TWO differences between suspension and an arch bridge
a) In a suspension bridge the weight is supported from cables overhead.
b) The cables are under tension.
c) No. 1 and 2
d) Neither

Mention TWO differences between suspension and an arch bridge
a) Neither
b) The arch and struts are under compression.
c) In an arch bridge the weight is supported by struts and arch underneath.
d) No. 2 and 3

What is meant by ‘meshing of gears’?
a) The teeth will break
b) Meshing mean that gears are able to link or interlock with their teeth
c) Meshing makes the gears move
d) Gears are stuck

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