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What is the main conflict in the story?
a) Olivia doubts that Max can be a success.
b) Maude\\\'s allergies interfere with Max\\\'s plans
c) Mario\\\'s cargo may spoil because he helps Max.
d) Unplanned events keep Max from achieving his goal

How do you know that it is realistic fiction?
a) It has challenges and problems that might happen in real life.
b) The author\\\'s personal thoughts and feelings are expressed.
c) It contains facts and details about a subject or topic.
d) The polt teaches a lesson or a moral about life.

What is this story MAINLY about?
a) Max\\\'s feelings about his family
b) Max\\\'s anger at losing the contest
c) Max\\\'s dreams of a successful career
d) Max\\\'s relationship with his best friend

During most of the story, Max can BEST be described as
a) suspicious
b) nervous
c) sad
d) cheerful

Which action BEST supports the idea that Maude is good at mathematics?
a) She damages the truck with a crowbar
b) She recalls that Max\'s dad delivered the cow
c) She watches city news stories on television.
d) She calculates how fast they need to drive

Max agrees to go to a home game with Mario because Max
a) thinks he can get ideas for his act there
b) decides to play sports instead of telling jokes.
c) wants to express his feelings of gratitude
d) feels sad and wants to have a good time

Why is Max unhappy even though he won an addition award?
a) He thinks that people are laughing at him
b) He has not trophy to display back home.
c) He learns that judges don\'t find him funny.
d) He realizes no one believes in his dreams.

Which event is the resolution?
a) The radiator in Dr. Carmody\'s car boils over.
b) Max is invited to perform at the Giggle Factory.
c) Max arrives at the auditorium in an 18-wheeler
d) Maude breaks out in a rash because she is allergic

Form of fiction? A story uses animal characters to explain how islands formed.
a) fable
b) myth
c) folktale
d) tall tale

Form of fiction? A story tells about a girl who lived during the American Revolution.
a) fable
b) myth
c) science fiction
d) historical ficiton

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