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What is a tributary
a) Big river
b) Small river
c) Smaller river that flows into a bigger river
d) None

What is a river system
a) One main river
b) Two main rivers
c) One main river and all its tributaries
d) None

Area covered by one main river and all tributaries are called the
a) The exit
b) The mouth
c) The waterfall
d) The catchment area

Reasons why people work near Coastal plain
a) Close to sea for fishing
b) Harbours for ships
c) Soils are good for farming
d) All of the above

What is the area where people dig out rocks from the ground
a) Earth
b) Sand
c) Mines
d) Caves

Open kind of mine
a) Cave
b) Volcano
c) Quarry
d) Desert

How do people change the land
a) Farmers cut down trees to make fields
b) People dig into the land to make mines and quarries
c) Roads and railways
d) All of the above

How do people make dams
a) Build walls across rivers
b) Build a bridge
c) Divide the sea
d) Extend the walls

a) increase floods
b) change the flow of rivers
c) cover large areas of farmland
d) All of the above

Who builds roads
a) People
b) Strangers
c) Street
d) None

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