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Area where there are many mountains
a) Ranges
b) Mountain Ranges
c) Steep high land
d) Sloppy waterfall

Land that is not flat
a) Steep mountain
b) Waterfall
c) Slope
d) River

a) Steep river
b) Waterfall
c) Low area between mountains and hills
d) High mountain

A curved area of land on the coast
a) Bay
b) Ocean
c) Sea
d) Watefall

a) Narrow piece of land that ticks out into the sea
b) Large piece of land
c) Dry land
d) Open area of water

Long narrow areas where water flows
a) Dam
b) River
c) Lake
d) Channels

Place where land and sea meet
a) Ocean
b) Continent
c) Border
d) Coastline

Things that stand out on the land
a) Border
b) River
c) Mountain
d) Landmarks

Rivers are channels of fresh water that flow downhill
a) True
b) False
c) No
d) Maybe

Thukela falls is the second highest waterfall in the world
a) False
b) No
c) Maybe
d) Ture

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