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Pattern made by lines forming squares down on a map
a) Directions
b) Grid
c) Map
d) Globe

Using letters and numbers on a map
a) Compass
b) Directions
c) Grid reference
d) Letters

Flat area near the coast
a) Border
b) Coast line
c) Coastal plain
d) Mountain

a) Steep land on the edge of plateau
b) Land
c) Ocean
d) Steep land

Large area of flat land, high above sea level
a) Mountain
b) waterfall
c) Plateau
d) Sea

SA's 3 main physical areas are:
a) Coastal Plan
b) Escarpment
c) Plateau
d) All of the above

SA smaller physical areas
a) Highveld
b) Lowveld
c) Kalahari
d) All of the above

SA smaller physical areas
a) Great Karoo
b) Little Karoo
c) Namaqualand
d) All of the above

Small mountains with gentle slopes
a) Hills
b) Mountain
c) River
d) Valley

a) High land
b) Steep land
c) Sloppy destintation
d) A high piece of land with steep sides

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