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Materials Related To The Formation Of The Universe, How Gravity Works, Structures In The Universe, How Stars Work, And The Relationship Between The Earth And The Moon. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What evidence do we have that the Moon is made up of materials that were once a part of the Earth?
a) Similar coloration of rocks.
b) Similar age of mantle.
c) Similar composition of crust.
d) Similar interior structure.

If a star has a luminosity of 10^4 and a temperature of 40,000 K, what color would it be?
a) Red
b) Yellow
c) Blue
d) Orange

The majority of the stars in the universe are found in what stage of their life cycle?
a) Main Sequence
b) Red Giant
c) White Dwarf
d) Protostar

When a medium mass star runs out of fuel, what does it become?
a) Black Hole
b) Planetary Nebula
c) Neutron Star
d) Brown Dwarf

When a high mass star runs out of fuel as a Red Supergiant, what happens?
a) It stops shining and becomes a brown dwarf.
b) It releases all of its energy in a massive explosion called a supernova.
c) It continues fusing heavier elements like carbon and neon.
d) Nothing, it will continue fusing all materials until it is completely out of fuel.

What is the final stage in the life of a low mass star?
a) Neutron Star
b) Brown Dwarf
c) White Dwarf
d) Black Hole

What process do stars go through to create all of the energy they release?
a) Nuclear Fission
b) Nuclear Flaxion
c) Nuclear Fusion
d) Nuclear Frisson

The diagram scientists use to determine the temperature and luminosity of a star based on its color is called what?
a) Hershey-Rumsfield Diagram
b) Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
c) Hanzel-Rapunzel Diagram
d) Hertzsprung-Rumsfeld Diagram

A large object that maintains a stable orbit around a star would be considered which of the following?
a) Moon
b) Asteroid
c) Planet
d) Comet

A large cloud of accumulated dust and gases in space that are known as the birthplace of stars are called...
a) Quasars
b) Pulsars
c) Nebulae
d) Galaxies

What do we call large chunks of ice and rock floating around the outer edges of our solar system?
a) Dwarf Planets
b) Exoplanets
c) Asteroids
d) Comets

When smaller objects fall into the gravity well of larger objects, which of the following would most likely happen?
a) They explode
b) They crash
c) They don't interact
d) They go back the way they came.

Gravity is created by...
a) Massively large objects in space
b) Black Holes
c) Anything that exists
d) Dark Matter

Objects in space that create the largest folds in the fabric of space-time are...
a) Black Holes
b) Neutron Stars
c) Main Sequence Stars
d) Moons

Who was the static state theory proponent that gave the Big Bang theory its name?
a) Edwin Hubble
b) Georges Lemaitre
c) Fred Hoyle
d) Duncan Donut

Einstein and Minkowski theorized that the universe is made up of a 'fabric' that is commonly known as what?
a) Jiggery-Pokery
b) Space-Time
c) Foldy-Bendy
d) Time-Space

The cosmic microwave background, discovered by Penzias and Wilson, has been described as what?
a) Left over light energy from the beginning of the universe.
b) Background static that is put off by stars.
c) Nearby galaxies emitting radio waves.
d) Pulsars in the night sky releasing gamma radiation.

When red-shift is observed while looking at distant galaxies, what does it tell us about those galaxies?
a) They are remaining static and unmoving in space.
b) They are moving closer to us.
c) They are emitting light 100000x brighter than our sun.
d) They are moving away from us.

This scientist was placed under house arrest because he confirmed that the Earth was NOT the center of the Universe.
a) Nicolaus Copernicus
b) Galileo Galilei
c) Albert Einstein
d) Edwin Hubble

According to modern theories, what is the most abundant element found in the universe, left over from the Big Bang?
a) Lithium
b) Sodium
c) Hydrogen
d) Helium

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