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one of the biggest reasons that interferes with an older adults ability or willingness to eat is
a) stomach problems
b) money
c) sensory losses
d) loss of teeth

what age does our society typically use as the transition point between middle age and old age
a) 70
b) 55
c) 65
d) 60

pregnant women who crave and ingest non food materials such as clay, soil, and chalk____
a) pica
b) lacation
c) pellegra
d) osteomalacia

around 4 months old, what is the best to be mixed with baby formua/breastmilk?
a) pureed foods
b) infant vitamins
c) infant cereal
d) very small pieces of solid food

Basically, what 3 things greatly influence our physical health and aging process
a) our genes, how much more money we make, and how physically active we are
b) how much money we make, what we eat, and how physically active we are
c) what we eat, how physically active we are, and lifestyle choices
d) skin care, how physically active we are, and our genes

when a women is producing breast milk, this is called_____
a) leche
b) laxative
c) lactation
d) leaking

what is most likely the reason the adolescent obesity rate is rising
a) genetics are causing more and more teens to be over weight
b) healthy foods are not as filling as junk food so they eat it to stay full
c) unhealthy food is too convenient and cheap in a teen's environment and low physical activity
d) althrough they eat healthy, they don't get enough physical activity

In what instance would a mother need to use formula instead of breastmilk for her baby?
a) she is over weight
b) her breast are small
c) she is on medication
d) she works on full time

about how long is the digestive tract, from the beginning to end
a) 15 to 24 feet
b) 10 to 14 feet
c) 25 to 30 feet
d) 35 to 40 feet

_____of all adults in the US are now considered overweight/obese
a) all
b) two thirds
c) one fourth
d) half

which one is most likely symptoms of anorexia
a) eating healthy foods and exercising for about an hour 5 days a week
b) skipping meals, losing weight quicky, excessive exercising
c) eating large amounts of food at most sittings, eating in private, usually overweight
d) disappearing to bathroom after meal taking laxatives, scratchy throat

what are 4 types of exerise adults should get
a) walking, running,push ups, sit ups
b) jumping jacks, planks, dancing, kick boxing
c) aerobic, strength training, balance, flexibility
d) cardio,weights, yoga, resistance training

what is usually offered as the first solid food
a) strained fruits
b) strained vegetables
c) infant cereals
d) starined meants

one reason a mother may not be able to breast feed her newborn is
a) she is overweight which makes the breastmilk fatty
b) she has too many nutrients in her breastmilk
c) she is ugly and might scare the baby
d) she is on medication, which may be present in the breastmilk

the 3 main nutrients that are very important for teens to get are
a) vitamin D, calcium, iron
b) magnesium, potassium, calcium
c) vitamin A, iron, calcium
d) vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium

the serious problem with drug use during prgnancy is drugs can____.
a) affect the mother's appetite
b) cause the fetus to stir and move
c) be passed from the mother's bloodstream through the placenta to the baby
d) increase chances of morning sickness

what type of outfit would be acceptable for a female for an interview
a) tank top, shorts, filp flops
b) t-shirt, nice jeans, heels
c) church-style, dress with dress shoes
d) sun dress with cute sandals

What email address would be appropriate for giving an employer

Why can't you give a baby from 0-6 months old regular cow's milk?
a) Because you should give your baby only the best , which is formula or breast milk
b) Because your baby will be lactose intolerant
c) Because your baby will not like milk until they are older and their tase buds have developed better
d) because their digestive systems are not fuly developed yet to handle breaking down cow's milk

why are solid foods introduced one at a time
a) to avoid confusing the baby
b) to keep baby's weight normal
c) to cut costs for family
d) to identify allergies

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