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What scientist is even credit for the Theory of Natural Selection?
a) Ben Franklin
b) Issac Newton
c) Charles Darwin
d) Albert Einstein

Charles Darwin studied birds in
a) Galapagos Islands
b) Florida Keys
c) Aleutian Islands
d) Europe

Which of these organisms is most likely to evolve within a short period of time?
a) mold
b) bacteria
c) crawfish
d) aloe vera plant

Species that survive over time are those that
a) produce large numbers of offspring
b) have long talons and sharp teeth
c) can adapt to changes in their environment
d) can survive on small amounts of food

Which of the following is an example of an adaptation?
a) a fossil
b) eating enough food
c) migration
d) soil type

Which adaptations would indicate that an animal is a predator?
a) fur and flat teeth
b) eyes in front and sharp teeth
c) gills and fins
d) feathers and webbed feet

Different traits among organisms in any given species are known as:
a) variations
b) behaviors
c) mutations
d) populations

Working as a team to take down their prey is an example of:
a) genetic variation
b) structural adaptation
c) species
d) behavioral adaptation

In the lab: “Bird Beak Buffet” you learned that organisms that are best adapted to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce. This is called the theory of:
a) genetic variations
b) plate tectonics
c) adaptations
d) natural selection

Which of the following would NOT lead to evolution?
a) A small population size
b) Only the ants with the longest bubble eyes mate.
c) A bear shows its cubs the best berry patches.
d) An adaptation of a fin causes Natural Selection to occur.

The struggle between organisms to survive in a habitat with limited resources is called:
a) predation
b) competition
c) extinction
d) mutation

The unique hooves of a mountain goat is a ____________ that allows it to live successfully on the mountaintop.
a) physiological adaptation
b) behavioral adaptation
c) structural adaptation
d) None of the choices are correct.

In the process of natural selection, the organisms that are best suited to their environments are most likely to survive and
a) mutate
b) reproduce
c) go extinct
d) species

When a species of organisms cannot adapt or change to meet its needs in a changing environment, what happens to this species?
a) It decreases in number and becomes extinct.
b) It evolves into a different species.
c) It goes into hibernation.
d) It increases in number.

A genetic variation in a population of organisms becomes an adaptation when:
a) It helps the organism to survive and reproduce.
b) It creates a whole new species of organisms.
c) The population decreases in number and goes extinct.
d) All of the organisms in the population have it.

Camouflage is an adaptation that can be useful to
a) neither predators nor prey
b) only prey
c) only predators
d) both predators and prey

__________________ is the presence of many different types of organisms in an ecosystem.
a) biodiversity
b) organism
c) species
d) evolution

What causes the population change between the dark and light peppered moths during the Industrial Revolution?
a) The presence of a mutation changed the color of the English Peppered Moths.
b) The presence of the dark-colored variation increased the likelihood for survival of the English Peppered Moths.
c) The presence of the light-colored variation increased the likelihood for survival of the English Peppered Moths.
d) The presence of an acquired trait changed the color of the English Peppered Moths.

In the phrase survival of the fittest, to what does the term fittest refer?
a) The best-adapted organisms
b) The biggest organisms
c) The smartest organisms
d) The fastest organisms

A woodpecker has a sharp beak to drill into trees for insects. The woodpecker's beak is an example of
a) structural adaptation
b) abnormalities
c) behavioral adaptation
d) evolution

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