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Hassan has liability insurance coverage at 100/300/50. How much will Hassan's insurer pay for property damage per accident?
a) up to $50,000
b) up to $100,000
c) up to $300,00
d) $50,000 for the first accident, $100,000 for the second, and $300,000 for the third

If you are in an auto accident that is your fault and your insurance company has to pay claims,
a) your insurance will immediately be canceled.
b) you will have to pay the insurance company back.
c) your premium will probably go up.
d) your insurance company will require you to take a driving refresher course.

Automobile insurance premiums are based on a number of different factors. Which of the following would NOT be one of those factors?
a) the race of the driver
b) the model of your car
c) the age of the driver
d) the location of the driver

Who of the following would be considered an uninvited guest on your property?
a) your brother, who you've asked to come watch the ballgame with you
b) a burglar who breaks into your house to rob it
c) your best friend, who has just arrived for your regular Friday night game of cards
d) the letter carrier who delivers your mail every day

Which of the following items would NOT be covered by most homeowner's insurance policies?
a) living room furniture
b) car stereo
c) kitchen appliances
d) all of these would be covered

The most complete homeowner's policy coverage is called
a) broad form.
b) special form.
c) comprehensive.
d) basic.

The cost of replacing an item regardless of its actual cash value is called
a) opportunity coast.
b) replacement value.
c) the deductible.
d) exclusionary cost.

A building insured for $300,000 is likely to have contents covered for at least
a) $30,000.
b) $75,000.
c) $150,000.
d) $300,000.

This type of risk includes the cost of another person's losses for injuries at your property.
a) liability
b) hazards
c) crimes
d) perils

Which type of auto insurance protects your own car against damage from auto accidents?
a) comprehensive
b) personal injury protection
c) liability
d) collision

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