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What is a procedure?
a) Actions to follow in order to perform a task
b) Steps to solve a problem
c) Problems one is faced with in school
d) Rules I must follow in class

What is the first step you must take in order to go to the restroom?
a) Raise your hand
b) Say you need to go to the restroom to your neighbor
c) Give your teacher the thumbs up with your hand
d) Shout out in class that you need to go to the restroom

What do you do if you are tardy to class?
a) Sit down and hope the teacher did not see you
b) Run to your seat
c) Sign in on the Hall Pass sheet
d) Sign in at the Tardy Log and prepare to have a phone call to your parents IF you do not have a pass

Why are LIFESKILLS important?
a) They help us learn appropriate ways to interact and make good choices
b) They are helpful in demonstrating how to defend yourself in a fight
c) They are the skills for to help us sleep well
d) They teach us how to choose a career

What does No Put Downs mean?
a) It means you will not set your papers down
b) It means you do not call others name or make them feel bad
c) It means you are to try to lift others up
d) It means you will not put down your foot to someone else

Why is it important to be truthful and trustworthy?
a) So others will know they can believe in you to do the right thing and you are honest
b) To show you are not very honest and lie a lot
c) To show you are not dependable
d) So others will know they cannot count on you

Why should you always do your personal best at school?
a) So you fail at what you try
b) To put forth terrbile effort and make low grades
c) So that you know that you did all that you could do to be successful
d) So you make enemies at school

What is active listening?
a) Listening but texting at the same time on your phone
b) Listening attentively so that you hear and understand all that you should know
c) Listening and playing with your neighbor rather than the teacher
d) Looking at the speaker but thinking about lunch

If you are late to class a second time after being tardy once, what will happen?
a) You will be sent to the office
b) You will have a referral written
c) You will be sent to Dr. Lemrow
d) You will have after school detention (ASD) with your teacher

What happens if you forget to bring a pen or pencil to class?
a) Borrow one from the teacher by giving her your I.D. to hold in exchange for it
b) Take one from the Hall Pass Sign Out Sheet
c) Take one from the teacher\'s basket without permission
d) Take one from someone around you without asking

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