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a tadpole is the larve of a
a) fish
b) salamander
c) frog
d) lizard

A reptile
a) is an endotherm
b) lays eggs
c) has a swim bladder
d) has thin skin

Which is not one of the major groups of fishes
a) jawless
b) boneless
c) cartilaginous
d) bony

A ___________ is a vertebrate that spends its early life in water
a) fish
b) reptile
c) stingray
d) amphibian

Most fish have this type of fertilization (there are 2 correct answers, chose 1)
a) external
b) internal
c) sexual
d) asexual

what does the internal skeleton of a vertebrate do
a) protects the internal organs
b) gives the body shape
c) gives muscles a place to attach
d) all of these

A example of an endotherm is a
a) turtle
b) snake
c) fish
d) beaver

Fish swim using
a) gills
b) fins
c) scales
d) arms

An example of a chordate is
a) fish
b) frog
c) snake
d) all of these

a notochord is a flexible rod that supports a chordates
a) legs
b) arms
c) back
d) head

Layers of clay, sand, mud or silt harden and become
a) radioactive chemicals
b) sedimentary rock
c) fossils
d) dinosaur bones

Paleontologists are scientists who study fossils
a) True
b) False

Amphibians obtain oxygen through gills and have scales
a) True
b) False

a bony fish uses its gills to stabilize its position in water
a) True
b) False

an amniotic egg is a characteristic of reptiles
a) True
b) False

the kidney, bladder, and cloaca are part of the
a) respiratory system
b) reproductive system
c) digestive system
d) excretory system

the heart, lung, and blood vessels are part of the
a) digestive system
b) circulatory system
c) nervous system
d) excretory system

the brain, spinal cord, and sensory organs are part of which system
a) reproductive
b) circulatory
c) nervous
d) digestive

the ovaries and testes are part of which system
a) reproductive
b) nervous
c) circulatory
d) excretory

the stomach, intestines, liver, spleen, and gallbladder are part of which system
a) reproductive
b) digestive
c) circulatory
d) excretory

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