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a) to support
b) to deny
c) to ingore
d) flexible

a) flexible
b) modest
c) honest
d) misleading

a) to support
b) to oppose or resist
c) to learn from
d) to create change

a) to hold back from
b) to forgive
c) to give permission to
d) to train

a) crowded area
b) to relax
c) isolation or being a part from
d) a form of religious sect

a) to admit
b) to object
c) to deny
d) to give into

a) likely to be affected with
b) happy about
c) attracted by
d) a suspect to a crime

a) to check
b) to pass along
c) to lose
d) to travel

a) well supported
b) wrong
c) obvious
d) unkown

a) strict
b) quiet
c) misleading
d) energetic and lively

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