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What is the main function of a vacuole in a cell?
a) storage
b) coordination
c) synthesis of molecules
d) release of energy

Which structures are listed in order from LEAST complex to MOST complex?
a) plant cell, leaf, chloroplast, rose bush
b) chloroplast, plant cell, leaf, rose bush
c) chloroplast, leaf, plant cell, rose bush
d) rose bush, leaf, plant cell, chloroplast

If the ribosomes of a cell were destroyed, what effect would this most likely have on the cell?
a) It would stimulate the cell to reproduce (mitosis)
b) The cell would be unable to synthesize (produce) proteins
c) Development of abnormal hereditary features would occur in the cell
d) Increased protein absorption would occur through the cell membrane

The function of the cell membrane is
a) insertion and deletion
b) nervous regulation and circulation
c) replication and photosynthesis
d) transport (active and passive)

Which structures carry out life functions within cells?
a) tissues
b) organ systems
c) organelles
d) organs

Which structures are listed in order from LEAST complex to MOST complex?
a) Cell, Nucleus, Gene, Chromosome
b) Gene, Chromosome, Nucleus, Cell
c) Nucleus, Cell, Gene, Chromosome
d) Cell, Nucleus, Chromosome, Gene

In which structure are energy-rich organic compounds used to produce ATP?
a) Mitochondria
b) Ribosome
c) Vacuole
d) Cell Membrane

Which cell structure contains information needed for protein synthesis?
a) Cell Membrane
b) Vacuole
c) Nucleus
d) Cell Wall

The respiratory system includes a layer of cells in the air passages that clean the air before it gets to the lungs. This layer of cells is best classified as:
a) organ
b) system
c) tissue
d) organelle

An organelle that releases energy for metabolic activity in a nerve cell is the:
a) chloroplast
b) ribosome
c) vacuole
d) mitochondrion

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