5th Grade Vocabulary Question Preview (ID: 42397)

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Technology used in the benefit to the environment and living things
a) biotechnelogy
b) biology
c) biologist
d) geologist

The application of engineering design to living things
a) bioengineering
b) engineering
c) exothermic
d) biology

one/ singular
a) uni
b) multi
c) visual
d) cumul

a) trans
b) geology
c) spir
d) re

a) proto
b) promo
c) photo
d) video

a) micro
b) macro
c) aquatic
d) vital

Part of the world made of living things
a) biosphere
b) geosphere
c) mesosphere
d) hydrosphere

the study of living things
a) biology
b) geology
c) physics
d) chemistry

prefix meaning life
a) bio
b) cryo
c) pro
d) proto

to add water
a) hydrate
b) dehydrate
c) biology
d) bio

to take away water
a) dehydrate
b) micro
c) macro
d) proto

a) hydro
b) macro
c) pro
d) hydrate

a variety of living things
a) biodiversity
b) bio
c) biology
d) biologist

more than one
a) multi
b) uni
c) biology
d) dehydrate

not a living thing
a) abiotic
b) biotic
c) biology
d) pokey

Part of the world that contains water
a) hydrosphere
b) biosphere
c) biodiversity
d) hydrate

allows only some of the light to pass through it
a) transluscent
b) transparent
c) opaque
d) dark

allows all the light to pass through it
a) transparent
b) transluscent
c) opaque
d) bright

Undergone transformation
a) metamorphic
b) tranluscent
c) transparent
d) biotechnology

the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry
a) technology
b) bioengineering
c) biotechnology
d) photosynthesis

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