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This Will Review Everything We Have Covered In Class. This Will Be A Good Review For Friday. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What colony did France make after granting Champlain and Montcalm a monopoly?
a) Quebec
b) Newfoundland
c) Hudson's Bay Company
d) Acadia

Samuel Herne was the gentleman that explored:
a) Alberta
b) The North West Territories
c) Saskatchewan
d) Halifax

The French ended up loosing Acadia because:
a) they signed the treaty of Utretcht
b) they lost the war
c) MicMac stole it
d) Britian invaded it

In this unit, the most valuable ally to the British was:
a) Spain
b) Wendat
c) the Cree
d) Haundosaune

In order to increase french population, the king
a) sent women with a dowry to marry men
b) sent slaves
c) encouraged french men to marry First Nation Women
d) made an alliance with Spain

Which of the following was something that Pierre Radison DID NOT do:
a) started the Hudson's Bay company
b) explored the great lakes
c) live his life like his Micmac brother
d) explored the Hudson's Bay territory

Which country gave the monopoly to Hudson's Bay Company on their behalf:
a) France
b) Brittian
c) Acadia
d) Spain

Which member of the soverign council was responsible for day to day operations of a French colony?
a) King
b) Intendant
c) Govenor
d) Bishop

The fact that the French gave up Acadia caused which event:
a) the building of Quebec
b) The French became door to door salesman for the fur trade
c) The British started the Hudson's Bay
d) The French king sent Filles du Roi

What did Lord Cornwallis do?
a) build Acadia
b) sign a law making citizens attack or annoy the Micmac
c) start the Hudson's Bay Company
d) explore Alberta

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