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Which two activities best describe the process of transport
a) walking from one place to another and inhaling air into the trachea (windpipe)
b) inhaling air into the trachea (windpipe) and absorbing glucose into the villi (small intestine)
c) absorbing glucose into the villi (small intestine) & distributing nutrients by means of blood vessel
d) walking from one place to another and distributing nutrients by means of blood vessels

Nutrition involves those activities by which organisms
a) obtain and process materials needed for activities
b) remove cellular waste products
c) exchanges gases with their environment
d) absorb and circulate materials

ATP (energy storage molecule) is a compound that is synthesized when:
a) chemical bonds between carbon atoms are formed during photosynthesis
b) energy stored in chemical bonds is released during cellular respiration
c) energy stored in nitrogen is released, forming amino acids
d) digestive enzymes break amino acids into smaller parts

During strenuous exercise, small blood vessels near the skin surface increase in diameter (enlarge). This allows the body to be cooled. These statements best illustrate:
a) synthesis (building)
b) reproduction
c) locomotion
d) homeostasis (maintain balance)

In which process are simple materials chemically combined to form more complex materials?
a) synthesis
b) pinocytosis
c) hydrolysis
d) cyclosis

The life function responsible for the control and coordination of all life activities in an organism is known as:
a) reproduction
b) excretion
c) regulation
d) nutrition

Every single-celled organism is able to survive because it carries out:
a) autotrophic nutrition (photosynthesis)
b) heterotrophic nutrition
c) metabolic activities
d) sexual reproduction

Which life activity is NOT required for the survival of the individual organism?
a) nutrition
b) reproduction
c) respiration
d) synthesis

The energy an organism requires to transport materials and excrete wastes is obtained directly from?
a) DNA
b) Starch
c) Hormones
d) ATP

Which process is a form of autotrophic nutrition
a) transport
b) regulation
c) fermentation
d) photosynthesis

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