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Salt And Gold, Camels, Geographical Features And Trading. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What written language was introduced as a result of the trade?
a) it varies
b) Arabic
c) Islam
d) English

Ms. Grey learned on May 7, 2018 a fun Interesting Fact about the Trade Routes of Ancient Africa. Head to the website and found the new information about camels. For the answer below, click on what sentence would make sense.
a) The Fun NEW fact about Camels will be the SUPER Bonus Question and found on Then, written in my agenda bookA
b) The fun new fact about camels will be found on the stuffed camel in the classroom.
c) The fun new fact about camels will spoon fed to the Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and OrangeClass

Why would the West Africans have NEEDED salt so much?
a) only way to be healthy and to buy porcelain or Silk from China
b) add flavor to their food, replace all that was lost when they perspired or give to their cattle
c) to pay the taxes to Ghana and to put on their table with the pepper

During the Trans-Saharan Trade route, why were camels an example of Cultural Diffusion?
a) since my teacher loves talking about cultural diffusion
b) better to use because horses were used before and they spread the Islam Religion
c) better take the camel on Wednesday to tell everyone about the Jewish holidays

Camels were wonderful idea to travel across the Sahara Desert because they could travel well with less water. We know this because....
a) my teacher told me that's true
b) camels only travel on Wednesdays despite being able to go a long time without stopping
c) camels drink 25 gallons of water at a time so can travel often without stopping

Why are camels a must for trading?
a) they can travel with the salt on their back and make the trek across the West African and Mediterranean World
b) they can drink lots of water at a time and have given us a popular phrase of Hump Day
c) they can spread Christianity and move very fast

Camels were used to make the treacherous trip across the desert during the Sandstorms. What proves they are prepared for sandstorms?
a) double row of eyelashes and hairy ear openings to keep the sand out
b) they travel with the salt on their back
c) they have to stop often for water so perfect to take breaks to use the restroom

Why would trading along the Trans-Saharan trade route have been difficult for Ms. Grey? P.S. Write the answer in your agenda because it's the BONUS for the test
a) Everything is difficult for Grey
b) the process requires her to pay a tax and she doesn't pay for anything
c) The process requires Silent bartering

Fill in the sentence: West African Traders Specialize in ___________ and need to obtain ___________ from the North Africans.
a) salt, gold
b) gold, salt
c) leather hides, ivory
d) shells, copper

Fill in the sentence: North African Traders Specialize in ___________ and need to obtain ___________ from the West Africans.
a) salt, gold
b) gold, salt
c) leather hides, ivory
d) leather goods, shells

How were the king/queen of Ghana able to become so rich and powerful?
a) by beating on the drum during the trading activity
b) charging taxes during the Trans-Saharan Trade of gold and salt
c) it was natural because they inherited the job

When going through Ghana, you HAD to pay a tax/fee no matter what because of the geographical location. The fee also provided you with what?
a) protection of your caravans from being robbed and protecting their own people who lived six miles away
b) keeping everybody safe by providing them with drumsticks to make the drumming louder
c) a way to beat on the drum loudly

The Sahara Desert was both a positive and negative for the movement of people, products and ideas. What proves that statement?
a) There's little population because of the lack of water supply, resulting in lack of food.
b) There's less than 10 inches of rain a year, so it's very dry.
c) It's a treacherous trip because of the many sandstorms.
d) All of the items listed.

What is one reason SIlent bartering was used for the North African traders and the West Africans?
a) to avoid having to pay a tax in Ghana
b) Keeps Grey quiet
c) West African traders had the ability to keep their gold mine a secret
d) to keep the classroom quiet for once

Silent Bartering was successful during trading for several reasons. Which answer supports that statement?
a) Never had to meet or see the people you traded with so works out if you don't know or trust them
b) Keep Grey quiet
c) Worked out because other countries spoke different languages.
d) The answers except Grey quiet are correct because that will never happen.

Of course, we know gold is worth more money than salt. But, why did the North Africans NEED Gold?
a) to pay the taxes to Ghana and make their Bling Bling to wear around
b) to try and be the richest person in town and pay the taxes to Ghana
c) to buy porcelain or Silk from China or make into coins

In Ancient Africa when trading , what were some cultural diffusion items that were spread?
a) varying languages, camels and the Islam Religion
b) common language and ethic background
c) Gold, Salt and ivory

What religion was introduced during the Gold and Salt Trade of Africa?
a) Islam
b) Christianity
c) Buddhism

Ghana was a location that everybody must travel through when trading. What was the capital?
a) Timbuktu
b) Columbus
c) Koumbi Saleh
d) Ahmed

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