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Which statement describes the best procedure to determine if a vaccine for a disease in a certain bird species is effective?
a) vaccinate 50 birds, do not vaccinate 50 other birds, and expose all 100 birds to the disease.
b) Vaccinate 100 birds and expose all 100 to the disease.
c) Vaccinate 100 birds and expose only 50 of them to the disease.
d) Vaccinate 50 birds, do not vaccinate 50 other birds. Expose only the vaccinated birds to the disease

A student is investigating the effect of different environmental factors on the growth of a certain species of bean plant. Which factor would NOT function as a variable?
a) Soil moisture content
b) Amount of light
c) Atmospheric temperature
d) Species of bean plant

A scientist performed an experiment to see the effects of a scary movie on the heart rate of people watching the movie. In this experiment, the dependent variable is:
a) the scary movie
b) the heart rate
c) the scientist
d) the control

Diagrams, tables and graphs are used by scientists mainly to:
a) design a research plan for an experiment
b) predict the independent variable
c) organize data
d) test a hypothesis

A biologist reports a new discovery based on experimental results. If the experiment results are valid, biologists in other laboratories should be able to:
a) repeat the same experiment with a different variable and obtain the same results
b) repeat the same experiment and obtain the same results
c) perform the same experiment and obtain different results
d) perform the same experiment under different experimental conditions and obtain the same results

Conclusions based on an experiment are most likely to be accepted when:
a) they are derived from investigations having many experimental variables
b) scientists agree that only one hypothesis has been tested
c) hypotheses are based on one experimental design
d) they are consistent with experimental data and observations

Which statement best describes a hypothesis?
a) A hypothesis is the process of making careful observations
b) A hypothesis serves as a basis for determining what data to collect when designing an experiment
c) The conclusion drawn from the results of an experiment is part of a hypothesis
d) The facts collected from an experiment are written in the form of a hypothesis

Which statement about the use of independent variables in controlled experiments is correct?
a) Only one independent variable is used for each experiment
b) A different independent variable must be used each time an experiment is repeated
c) The independent variables must involve time
d) The independent variables state the problem being tested

The development of an experimental research plan should NOT include a:
a) list of equipment needed for conducting the experiment
b) list of safety precautions for the experiment
c) conclusion based on data expected to be collected in the experiment
d) procedure for the use of technologies needed for the experiment

The first trial of a controlled experiment allows a scientist to isolate and test:
a) a single variable
b) a logical conclusion
c) a variety of information
d) several variables

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