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99% of the atmosphere is made up of what two elements?
a) Nitrogen and Oxygen
b) Carbon and Oxygen
c) Hydrogen and Oxygen
d) Helium and Oxygen

The 4 most common elements on earth are
a) Hydrogen, helium, oxygen, zinc
b) Hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon
c) Hydrogen, helium, oxygen, argon
d) Hydrogen, helium, oxygen, nitrogen

The ability to be stretched into wires is called
a) semiconductor
b) metalloid
c) ductile
d) malleable

Can be hammered or rolled into sheets without breaking
a) malleable
b) ductile
c) semiconductor
d) luster

These share properties of both metals and nonmetals and are SEMICONDUCTORS
a) metals
b) nonmetal
c) metalloid
d) I don't know :(

The opposite of metals, POOR conductor, and brittle describe
a) metals
b) nonmetals
c) metalloids
d) elements

Materials that are shiny and reflective have
a) conduction
b) malleability
c) ductility
d) luster

Usually a SOLID and a GOOD Conductor
a) Metal
b) Nonmetal
c) Metalloid
d) None of the above

The ability for electrical energy to flow through an object is called
a) malleable
b) ductile
c) conduction
d) what?

On the periodic table, most of the NONMETALS are located on the
a) Right
b) Left
c) Center
d) Are you Serious?

This word is used to describe METALLOIDS
a) Malleable
b) Conductor
c) Nonmetal
d) Semiconductor

DULL, POOR CONDUCTOR, and BRITTLE would all be used to describe
a) Metals
b) Nonmetals
c) Metalloids

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