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When some European leaders agreed to Hitler’s demands concerning Czechoslovakia in 1938, they were supporting a policy of
a) Battle of Britain
b) D-Day invasion
c) invasion of Poland
d) dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima

The term appeasement is best defined as
a) an attempt to avoid conflict by meeting the demands of an aggressor
b) a period of peace and prosperity, resulting in cultural achievement
c) a declaration of war between two or more nations
d) an agreement removing economic barriers between nations

One goal of the League of Nations was to
a) promote peaceful relations worldwide
b) stimulate the economy of Europe
c) bring World War I to an end
d) encourage a strong alliance system

Which term is defined as payment for damages?
a) mandate
b) armistice
c) reparation
d) militarism

Which event occurred first and led to the other three?
a) rise of fascism in Europe
b) Bolshevik Revolution
c) World War I
d) signing of the Treaty of Versailles

Which region was described as “the powder keg of Europe” prior to World War I?
a) Iberian Peninsula
b) British Isles
c) Balkan Peninsula
d) Scandinavia

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the immediate cause of
a) the Franco-Prussian War
b) the Russo-Japanese War
c) World War I
d) World War II

Japan’s policy of expansion in the early 20th century was motivated by
a) a lack of natural resources
b) plan to end unequal treaties
c) the need to increase cultural diffusion
d) the desire to spread communism

Which pair of natural resources were used to change transportation and manufacturing in Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution?
a) gold and salt
b) diamonds and petroleum
c) copper and tin
d) coal and iron ore

Which idea became a central belief of the Enlightenment?
a) The use of reason would lead to human progress.
b) Mathematics could be used to solve all human problems.
c) The ancient Romans had the best form of government.
d) People should give up their natural rights to their rulers.

In Two Treatises of Government, John Locke wrote that the purpose of government was to
a) keep kings in power
b) regulate the economy
c) expand territory
d) protect natural rights

Which of these World War II events happened first?
a) détente
b) balance of power
c) collective security
d) appeasement

Japans invasion of Manchuria, Italy's attack on Ethiopia, and Germany's blitzkrieg in Poland are examples of
a) military aggression
b) appeasement
c) containment
d) the domino theory

Louis XIV strengthened the power of the monarchy in France by
a) centralizing control
b) granting democratic reforms
c) practicing religious toleration
d) reducing the size of the bureaucracy

What was a major cause of the French Revolution?
a) inequalities in the tax structure
b) economic success of mercantilism
c) failure of the Congress of Vienna
d) Continental System in Europe

In the late 1700s, which situation in France is considered a cause of the other three?
a) education level
b) geographic region
c) social class
d) religious beliefs

Before the French Revolution, the people of France were divided into three estates based mainly on their
a) meeting of the Estates General
b) unfair policies of taxation
c) execution of the king
d) storming of the Bastille

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