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Something that comes after something else, especially a book or movie that continues the story of an earlier work.
a) Sequel (yes)
b) Barbie
c) Ken
d) My Little Pony

To scold in a very strong or serious way.
a) tell
b) be kind
c) ask politely
d) Reprimand

To bother or disturb greatly is
a) To please
b) To be kind
c) To perturb
d) Kindness

A speech, especially one in public for a special occasion.
a) Conversation
b) Oration
c) Decision
d) Adequate

Being careless; not paying attention to the things you have to do.
a) Kind
b) Cheerful
c) Considerate
d) Negligent

To flood.
a) Cover
b) Immitate
c) Inundate
d) Avoid

To make or become more intense; to strengthen.
a) Intensify
b) Weaken
c) Exaggerate
d) hyperbole

To beg for something, or to ask very nicely.
a) Politeness
b) Beseech
c) Inform
d) Implore

Being nice and generous to strangers or guests.
a) Hospitable
b) Greed
c) Mean
d) Disrespect

To take apart, often making something useless.
a) Zilch
b) Dismantle
c) Ruminate
d) Surmise

Causing sadness or gloom.
a) Happy
b) Expressionate
c) Normal
d) Dismal

To disturb either physically or emotionally; to shake up.
a) Klondike
b) be kind to
c) Agitate
d) Soothe

To admit that something is real or true; to express that you know someone or something
a) Deny
b) Acknowledge
c) Pozzolanic
d) Jarovizing

A home, a place where someone lives
a) Abode
b) Mouse
c) Heart
d) companion

To be in charge of something or someone; to manage.
a) Supervise
b) Avoid
c) scurry
d) IDK + IDC

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