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A major economic trend affecting all Americans is
a) less international competition
b) growing world market for U.S. goods.
c) a slowdown in the pace of technological change.
d) greater emphasis on manufacturing and less emphasis on information.

Learning new and different skills so you can retain the same level of employability is called
a) retraining.
b) self-assessment.
c) upgrading.
d) outsourcing.

Which of the following would probably be the best resource for someone who wanted to learn about how to start and run a small business?
a) the Dictionary of Occupational Titles
b) newspaper classified ads
c) Junior Achievement
d) the Occupational Outlook Handbook

The amount of monthly or annually pay that you earn for working is called
a) overtime.
b) benefits.
c) profit.
d) salary.

Jenny has just received a promotion at work. She will now probably
a) be making less money than before.
b) be doing more challenging work.
c) need to find a new job.
d) have less authority than before.

All of the following factors are within your control except
a) demand for workers in your chosen field.
b) your level of education
c) your job experience.
d) all of the above factors are within your control.

All of the following are categories found in the Occupational Outlook Handbook except
a) Athletics.
b) Sales.
c) Farming.
d) Construction.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook will not tell you
a) the average salary for particular jobs.
b) what it is like to work at a particular job.
c) the names of companies currently seeking employees.
d) educational requirements for particular jobs.

Which of the following would be considered a professional career?
a) cashier
b) lawyer
c) waiter
d) painter

Informal groups of people with common interests who interact for mutual assistance are called
a) chat groups.
b) hubs.
c) buddy lists.
d) networks.

In the United States, the central activity of a person's life is typically
a) spending time with family.
b) household chores.
c) going to school.
d) work.

Your values are shaped by
a) the news media.
b) your family.
c) religion.
d) all of the above.

The way people choose to live their lives, based on the values they have chosen, is called
a) lifestyle.
b) culture.
c) aptitude.
d) societal expectations.

Which of the following personality traits would probably be helpful for someone who worked as a salesperson?
a) quiet and shy
b) more of a follower than a leader
c) outgoing and friendly
d) prefers low-stress environment

The first step in career planning is
a) research.
b) self-analysis.
c) finding a part-time job.
d) developing necessary skills.

About how often should you reevaluate your career goals?
a) every month
b) every year
c) about every five years.
d) never

Which of the following best describes the work environment for a management job?
a) work in an office close to top managers; under pressure to meet goals
b) assist customers in store or on location of goods being sold
c) work in an office entering or retrieving data
d) work in a factory using tools and machines; focused on quality

Spending a morning or afternoon with a worker in the type of job that interest you is called
a) mentoring.
b) networking.
c) supervising.
d) job shadowing.

A type of employment agency that seeks out highly qualified people to fill important positions for an employer is a(n)
a) shark.
b) cannibal.
c) headhunter.
d) helicopter.

A record of the jobs your have held and how long you stayed with each employer is called your
a) self-evaluation.
b) work history.
c) personal data sheet.
d) portfolio.

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