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Females need protein because...
a) it helps build muscles
b) it helps with calcium absorptions, which prevents osteoporosis
c) it aids with weight loss
d) it provides iron, which is needed due to menstration

The only plant based protein source that is a complete protein is...
a) soybeans
b) spinach
c) bananas
d) broccoli

This cooking technique is a chemical reaction between an amino acid and a reducing sugar, along with heat.
a) Caramelization
b) Baking
c) Maillard reaction
d) Sous vide

Protein is found in all the following plant sources except...
a) rice
b) nuts
c) seeds
d) beans

All of the following are reasons people choose to be vegan except...
a) religious reasons
b) financial reasons
c) health reasons
d) animal abuse reasons

What food group is the primary source of protein?
a) meats
b) vegetables
c) dairy
d) fruits

this protein malnutrition results in the body looking bloated or pot-belly; caused by unintentional starvation
a) kwashiorkor
b) marasmus
c) bulemia
d) positive nitrogen balance

Protein has __calories per gram
a) 8
b) 4
c) 10
d) 12

All of the following are functions of proteins except...
a) provides energy
b) builds and repairs muscle tisse
c) insulates the body
d) involved in the creation of hormones and antibodies

Proteins are made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and ....
a) nitrogen
b) calcium
c) sodium
d) iron

this protein malnutrition results in the body looking like a skeleton; caused by unintentional severe starvation
a) negative nitrogen balance
b) anorexia
c) kwashiorkor
d) marasmus

Your body turns extra protein your body don't need into..
a) energy
b) fat
c) calcium
d) amino acids

A substance that stabilizes a mixture that don't normally mix (like oil and water)
a) emulsifier
b) enzymes
c) amino acid
d) nitrogen balance

Peanuts, black-eyed peas, kidney beans, black beans, lima beans, chickpeas, etc are called what in the nutrition world?
a) fiber beans
b) vegetarians
c) incomplete proteins
d) legumes

Proteins missing or short in one or more amino acids in it's chain are called..
a) complete proteins
b) incomplete proteins
c) amino acid chains
d) vegetarian proteins

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