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In return for pointing the way to the Windsor Manor, Hester Kettle asked that...
a) Molly came around to tell her a story about what she found there.
b) Molly and Kip left the horse and wagon.
c) Kip deliver an important message.
d) Molly hand over a book she was hiding in her cloak.

Why did Kip tackle Alistair near the big tree in front of the house?
a) Alistair was trying to make Penny eat earthworms.
b) Alistair was purposely hurting Galileo, the horse.
c) Alistair pulled up all the flowers Kip had planted.
d) Kip thought Alistair had locked Molly in the stables.

What did Master Windsor do when the two blokes came to see him?
a) He brought them a canvas bag full of dark coins from upstairs.
b) He took them to the locked green door on the second floor.
c) He hid them in the basement.
d) He begged them for the key they'd taken from his pocket.

What happened when Kip was examining the hole the night man had dug?
a) The tree's root grabbed him, and dirt and leaves covered his body.
b) He had a vision of a younger night man when he touched the walls of the hole.
c) The night man beckoned for him to follow him deeper into the woods.
d) He found the bones of multiple small animals scattered inside the hole.

When Molly reached into the knot hole of the tree, she pulled out ....
a) a letter for her and Kip that their mother had written.
b) a story book of pictures of children that eerily resembled her and Kip.
c) a bag of money that could cover her and Kips passage back to Ireland.
d) blue button from a coat she'd had when they lived with their parents.

When Molly and Kip followed the night man to the manor, Molly saw him...
a) mopping Bertrand's face with a rag and wringing it out over his watering can.
b) sprinkling a powdery substance over Penny.
c) drawing a pentagram on the floor of the room that was usually locked.
d) making a strange symbol on Alistair's forehead an rocking over his body

What did Kip give Hester in exchange for her tale of the Night Gardener?
a) a wishing button Molly had given him
b) a cutting from one of the plants in the garden
c) a book he found in Master Windsor's study
d) a piece of candy stollen from Alistair

Molly realized the whole yard was a giant grave yard after...
a) she and Kip raked leaves to uncover six similar-sized holes
b) Alistair made reference to his grandparents resting place
c) Penny tripped over a head stone covered in moss
d) she found bones that had been dug up near the tree

What did Alistair do when Kip told him the tree wasn't a good thing?
a) He dropped Kip's crutch in the river.
b) He locked Kip in the basement cellar.
c) He pushed Kip into a freshly dug hole.
d) He threatened Kip with an ax.

How did Molly destroy the Night Gardner?
a) She lit her letters on fire and dropped them in the knothole of the tree.
b) She broke the curse with a spell she got from Hester.
c) She poured holly water at the base of the tree.
d) She chopped off the roots near the river.

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