Marketing Exam Review Part 12 Question Preview (ID: 42290)

Final Exam Review.

Personal selling is usually done
a) through video conferencing
b) face to face
c) over the telephone
d) via Web conferencing

Which two federal agencies oversee all commerce and commercial communications in the United States?
a) the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Trade Commission
b) the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission
c) the Federal Communications Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission
d) the Better Business Bureau and the National Advertising Review Board

This type of advertisement is supposed to give the audience the feeling that they are watching or hearing a real event.
a) dramatization
b) image advertisement
c) competitive advertisement
d) testimonial

In the United States, most advertising dollars are spent on
a) radio ads
b) magazine ads
c) newspaper ads
d) television ad

In advertising, the term unit refers to
a) the type of media used, such as TV, radio, or print.
b) the programming or publication in which the advertising appears.
c) the length or size of the advertisment.
d) the specific vehicle used.

All of the following are advantages of television advertising except
a) it has emotional impact.
b) it has a relatively low total cost.
c) it reaches large audiences.
d) it has highly segmented markets.

The best method of determining an advertising budget is to base it on
a) the amount of money your competitors spend on advertising.
b) whatever money you have left over after all other expenses have been met.
c) the objectives to be achieved.
d) a percentage of past, current, or projected future sales.

The person in an advertising agency who is typically responsible for how an ad will look is called the
a) producer
b) copywriter
c) creative director
d) art director

The first step in the process of creating an advertising campaign is to
a) develop the creative concept
b) set objectives
c) select and schedule the media
d) develop the creative strategy

A detailed listing of where and when ads will run is called a(n)
a) media plan
b) advertising schedule
c) portfolio
d) account plan

This type of advertising aims to build an image by using common elements to define what a product or company stands for and to give it a personality in the minds of consumers.
a) market advertising
b) brand advertising
c) company advertising
d) product advertising

Which of the following allows the most product information to be communicated to a customer?
a) billboard advertisement
b) television advertisement
c) newspaper advertisement
d) personal selling

Which of the following is not a disadvantage of personal selling?
a) A company's managers have limited control over the sales process.
b) The cost per customer can be very high with personal selling.
c) Personal selling provides the opportunity to follow up with customers.
d) A great deal of knowledge and skill is required to be an effective sales person.

All of the following are characteristics of products and markets that indicate the need for personal selling except
a) customers are spread out in a wide geographic area.
b) products are complicated or expensive.
c) products are new or unique and are unfamiliar to customers.
d) markets consist of a few large customers.

The first mental stage of the consumer decision-making process occurs when the customer
a) determines that the product is good value and the best choice.
b) understands that the product meets an important need.
c) becomes interested in the product.
d) focuses attention on the salesperson and the sales presentation.

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