Marketing Exam Review Part 11 Question Preview (ID: 42289)

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The 'who' in the communication process is the
a) message.
b) sender.
c) message channel
d) receiver

A receiver's response to a message is called
a) encryption.
b) clutter.
c) feedback.
d) noise

A company will often use promotion to inform people about a product, particularly when
a) a product is simple and easy to use.
b) consumers are familiar with and like the product.
c) a new product or a new product feature is introduced.
d) the product is in the maturity phase of its like cycle.

Which of the following is not an example of interpersonal communication?
a) a negotiation with a salesperson in a store
b) a pop-up as on a website
c) a telemarketing call
d) an online chat with a company representative

Which of the following would be considered an example of print advertising?
a) a poster on the side of a bus
b) an advertisement in a newspaper
c) a piece of 'junk mail' delivered to your home
d) All of these choices are examples of print advertising

The fastest-growing type of advertising is
a) Internet advertising
b) direct mail advertising
c) ambient advertising
d) outdoor advertising

A major disadvantage of personal selling is that
a) it has a high per-personal cost.
b) it is a very impersonal form of communication
c) it does not tend to build customer loyalty
d) it is difficult to control

The use of sales promotion is a common tactic when a company
a) hopes to increase long-term sales.
b) introduces a new product and wants to entice consumers to try it.
c) wants to revive a product in the decline stage of the product life cycle.
d) wants to promote brand loyalty.

Which of the following is not likely to be a part of the promotional mix for an inexpensive brand of bar soap?
a) sales promotion
b) advertising
c) personal selling
d) None of these choices are correct

The first step in the promotional planning process is to
a) set the budget
b) select the target market
c) research and analyze the market
d) develop the promotional mix

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