Marketing Exam Review Part 5 Question Preview (ID: 42278)

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Extensive decision making
a) usually takes less time than limited decision making
b) is normally made for expensive purchases
c) does not usually involve all five steps of the decision-making process.
d) is common in business purchases but rarely used in consumer purchases.

What kind of decision making are you probably using when you buy a gallon of milk?
a) emotional
b) limited
c) routine
d) extensive

The history, beliefs, customs, and traditions of a group is called
a) culture
b) civilization
c) social environment
d) lifestyle

The enduring pattern of emotions and behaviors that define an individual is known as
a) lifestyle
b) gender
c) personality
d) ethnicity

Which step in the consumer decision-making process involves reaching an agreement with the business selling the product on what you will buy, the cost, the payment method, and how you will receive the product?
a) purchse
b) post-purchase evaluation
c) information search
d) problem-recognition

Patronage buying motives are based on
a) logic
b) love
c) fear
d) loyalty

You just realized you need to buy a cake for your sister's birthday party, so you begin looking through the phone book for a nearby bakery. Which stage of the consumer decision-making process are you in?
a) post-purchase evaluation
b) problem recognition
c) alternative evaluation
d) information search

When you buy a Father's Day card for your dad to show him that you love him, which of the following is probably influencing you the most?
a) rational motives
b) emotional motives
c) promotional motives
d) patronage motives

Which of the following is at the top of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs?
a) self-actualization
b) social
c) security
d) physiological

Which of the following is an example of a final consusmer?
a) A dental office purchases new couches and tables for the waiting room.
b) You buy a soft drink at a local grocery and drink it on the way home.
c) A professional photographer buys a new camera to use for taking wedding portraits.
d) All of these choices are final consumers.

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