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Emancipate Proclamation did what?
a) Ended the War
b) Ended slavery in the border states
c) Ended slavery in the south
d) Ended slavery in all slave holding states

Secede means?
a) To Fight
b) To Join
c) To Stay
d) To Leave/Withdrawl

What was the first MAJOR battle of the Civil War?
a) Gettysburg
b) Antietam
c) Bull Run
d) Shiloh

What two battles were noted as the turning point in the war?
a) Shiloh/Antietam
b) Sherman's March to sea/Vicksburg
c) Vicksburg/Gettysburg
d) Bull run/Gettysburg

Which border state was crucial to keep with the Union?
a) Maryland
b) Florida
c) Massachusetts
d) North Carolina

All of the following are slave states EXCEPT?
a) Alabama
b) Vermont
c) Georgia
d) Virginia

All the following are free states EXCEPT?
a) Maine
b) Pennsylvania
c) New York
d) Alabama

All the following are border states EXCEPT?
a) Missouri
b) Kentucky
c) Pennsylvania
d) Delaware

Which state was the last one to secede the Union?
a) Tennessee
b) Missouri
c) Georgia
d) Florida

Which state was the first state to secede the Union?
a) Virginia
b) South Carolina
c) Alabama
d) Texas

What was the average age of a soldier?
a) Between 42-45
b) Between 37-49
c) Between 33-48
d) Between 18-29

Which side believed that the Constitution supported a strong Federal Government?
a) North/Union
b) South/Confederate

Emancipation Proclamation was brought into effect after what battle?
a) Vicksburg
b) Gettysburg
c) Shiloh
d) Antietam

What were the reason why people signed up to fight?
a) Patriotism
b) State Pride
c) Steady Pay
d) All of the Above

Anaconda Plan
a) North's plan towards the South, wanted to suffocate them and force them to surrender
b) South's plan towards the North, wanted to suffocate them and force them to surrender
c) South's plan was to be like a snake and have a bunch of sneak attacks
d) North's plan to slither their way to the south and poison all of the south's belongings

What was the major job that people had before the American Civil War?
a) Factory
b) Cotton Mills
c) Farming
d) Carpentry

Which Side believed that the constitution supported as strong State Government?
a) North/Union
b) South/Confederate

Gray-backs are referring to what during the Civil War?
a) Union Soldiers
b) Confederate Soldiers
c) Skunks
d) Coyotes

Which side used immigrants as low waged workers?
a) North/Union
b) South/Confederates

South fought for Slavery and what else?
a) States Rights
b) Federal Rights
c) To keep manufacturing out of the south
d) to keep themselves their own nation

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