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The center region of an atom is called the
a) element
b) nucleus
c) electron
d) proton

Where on a magnet is the magnetic force strongest?
a) at the north pole only
b) at either pole
c) halfway between the poles
d) the force is equally strong everywhere

Magnetic field lines
a) never cross
b) cross at the north pole
c) cross at the south pole
d) cross halfway between the poles

If you break a magnet in two, you
a) one north magnet and one south magnet
b) two demagnetized pieces of metal
c) two smaller magnets
d) two magnets each with only one pole

The amount of magnetic declination depends on
a) what kind of compass you have
b) what time of year it is
c) the amount of natural magnets around you
d) your location on Earth's surface

What effect does the solar wind have on Earth's magnetic field?
a) Compasses on Earth stop working
b) Earth's magnetosphere is spread out farther on the side of Earth not facing the sun
c) the magnetic field on the side facing the sun is warmer
d) Solar wind causes magnetic declination

The smallest particle of an element is a(n)
a) proton
b) domain
c) atom
d) nucleus

A permanent magnet is a magnet made from a material that
a) keeps its magnetism for a long time
b) cannot be destroyed by heat
c) easily loses it magnetism
d) began as molten rock on the ocean floor

The magnetosphere is the
a) glowing region in the atmosphere caused by charged particles
b) stream of charged particles flowing from the sun
c) doughnut-shaped region 25,000 kilometers above Earth's surface
d) region of Earth's magnetic field shaped by the solar wind

What is a material called that attracts iron and materials that contain iron?
a) domain
b) aurora
c) magnetic field
d) magnet

A compass can be used to find directions because its needle lines up with Earth's ____________ poles.
a) aurora
b) magnetic
c) magnetic field
d) Van Allen belts

The magnetic force exerted in the region around a magnet is known as its _________________
a) magnetic field
b) magnetic domain
c) magnetic
d) aurora

A grouping of atoms that have their magnetic field aligned is called a(n) _________________
a) magnetic poles
b) magnetic field
c) magnetic domain
d) aurora

A glowing region caused by charged particles from the sun is called a(n) ________________
a) Van Allen Belt
b) magnetic poles
c) aurora
d) Van Buren Belt

The ____________________________ are two doughnut-shaped regions above the Earth's surface that contain electrons and protons traveling at high speeds
a) Van Allen Belt
b) aurora
c) Van Buren Belt
d) magnetic pole

The attraction or repulsion between magnetic poles is called MAGNETIC DOMAIN
a) true
b) false

Heating a magnet can DESTROY its magnetism.
a) true
b) false

Usually the outer region of an atom are tiny particles called PROTONS, which carry a negative charge.
a) true
b) false

A PERMANENT MAGNET is made from a material that easily loses its magnetism.
a) true
b) false

A material that shows magnetic properties is said to be a FERROMAGNETIC MATERIAL.
a) true
b) false

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