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to reduce adverse effects a nurse would do all of these except:
a) getting a thorough patient history to identify high risk patients
b) educating the patient about the drug and and administration
c) warning the patient of activities that may precipitate adverse effects
d) educating the patient to use polypharmacology

carbamezapine (anti-seizure medication) potentiates the effect of oral contraceptives:
a) true
b) false

cigarettes increase risk of thromboemboli in patients that are taking oral contraceptives:
a) true
b) false

Your pt is on "the pill" and misses 3 doses in a row. the nurse tells her to:
a) skip 2 of the missed doses and double up on the third missed dose to continue therapy
b) double up until the pt "catches up"
c) restart another cycle of therapy
d) pick up on the next dose and do not miss anymore

your pt has been prescribed a hypnotic prn. he states he takes them every night at 8pm religiously. you teach him that prn is:
a) to take the drug every other night
b) take the drug at the same time each day
c) the same way he has been taking them
d) take the drug only as needed

Your pt states that she is taking 800mg tylenol and 800mg acetaminophen for pain every night. you teach the patient that:
a) this is ok as long as she takes both only when in severe pain
b) this is ok, she has chronic pain
c) this is not ok, she needs to reduce one to 400mg if taking together
d) this is not ok, acetaminophen and tylenol are the same and can cause toxicity

teaching admninistration of drugs are all of these except:
a) make sure the drug is to be taken with or without a meal
b) make sure the drug is to be taken with grapefruit juice
c) make sure the drug ordered to be administered sub-q is not administered im
d) make sure the oral drug is not crushed or chewed

rifampin (a TB drug) causes :
a) urine, sweat, saliva, and tears to be red-orange
b) urine,sweat,saliva and tears to be neon yellow
c) urine, sweat, saliva and tears to increase in amounts
d) urine, sweat, saliva and tears to decrease in amounts

phenelazine (an antidepressant) can be taken with any food and drug
a) true
b) false

assessment is used to identify only actual problems:
a) true, that is all that is needed to provide treatment
b) false, potential problems need to be identified as well for treatment

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