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An approach to customer service that gives employees the authority to solve many customer problems is called
a) relationship marketing
b) social responsiblity
c) hard selling
d) employee empowerment

An emphasis on producing and distributing new products was characteristic of the
a) Marketing Department Era
b) Production Era
c) Sales Era
d) Marketing Concept Era

When a company decides which delivery service to use to get its products to customers, which component of the marketing mix is being considered?
a) profit
b) product
c) distribution
d) promotion

The first step of the marketing concept is to
a) develop top-quality products and services
b) operate at a profit
c) hire a team of talented marketing professionals
d) identify customers' needs

Which business function involves, implementing, and evaluating the plans and activities of a business?
a) production
b) management
c) operations
d) merchandising

A location where people bring products to be conveniently exchanged is a
a) central market
b) crossroads
c) money system
d) stock exchange

Exchanging products or services with others by agreeing on their values is known as
a) promoting
b) marketing
c) selling
d) bartering

This marketing function provides security for products, personnel, and customers.
a) pricing
b) promotion
c) risk management
d) selling

Which of the following businesses has marketing as its primary activity?
a) a freight company
b) a law office
c) a bank
d) all of these choices are businesses are directly involved in marketing.

How many companies in the US use marketing as their primary business activity?
a) about 1 million
b) more than 4 million
c) more than 10 million
d) less than 500,000

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