Ionic Compound Formulas Question Preview (ID: 42212)

Identify The Correct Formula For The Given Name. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

sodium carbonate
a) Na2CO3
b) NaCO3
c) NaHCO3
d) Na(CO3)2

copper(I) sulfate
a) Cu2SO4
b) CuSO4
c) Cu2SO3
d) Co2SO4

potassium phosphate
a) K3PO4
b) K2PO4
c) KPO4
d) K3PO3

ammonium chloride
a) NH4Cl
b) NH3Cl
c) NH4ClO3
d) (NH4)2Cl

zinc permanganate
a) Zn(MnO4)2
b) ZnMnO4
c) Zn2MnO4
d) Zn(MnO4)4

chromium(III) sulfide
a) Cr2S3
b) CrS
c) Cr3S2
d) CmS

lead(II) oxide
a) PbO
b) Pb2O
c) PbO2
d) PbOH

stannic fluoride
a) SnF4
b) SnF2
c) SnF
d) SnFl4

silver bromate
a) AgBrO3
b) AgBr
c) Ag3BrO3
d) AgBro3

ferrous arsenate
a) Fe3(AsO4)2
b) FeAsO4
c) Fe2(AsO4)3
d) Fe3As2

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