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What thing is not one of the item that should put on before eating?
a) napkins
b) Lap
c) Bear
d) Sitting

Which tool is Chinese people use while eating?
a) Chopsticks
b) Ax
c) Strew
d) Pen

Which type of food is not in five food group?
a) Fruit
b) Grains
c) Dessert
d) Milk products

“Nut” is in which group of food?
a) Meat
b) Fruit
c) Grain
d) Vegetable

What should not do while eating?
a) put on the lap
b) put on the lap
c) do not talk
d) stand on the table

What movement is not polite while eating?
a) Drink food from the bowl
b) Do not talk while eating
c) Eat rice with spoon
d) Drink soup with spoon

Which food is not healthy for you?
a) Grapes
b) Milk
c) Beans
d) French fries

Which food is not in the food group of grains?
a) Rice
b) Yogurt
c) Potatoes
d) Nut

“potato” is in which group of food?
a) Vegetables
b) Fruits
c) Grains
d) Meats

What us the definition of the confused
a) make something difficult to understand
b) easy to understand
c) easy to play with
d) make something hard to play

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