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When you cut the ___, it will make me cry.
a) Sausage
b) Onion
c) Olive oil
d) Lobster

My dog is ____. It always stay with me.
a) away
b) loyal
c) afraid
d) long

This food is _____. I will try it again.
a) disgusting
b) delicious
c) decide
d) depressed

Don't be afraid, just _______
a) Have it a try
b) Do it a try
c) Give it a try
d) Give it a tie

He is going to ____ with his girlfriend.
a) dating
b) dates
c) date
d) dated

I am going ___________
a) to give a trip
b) taking a trip
c) to take a trip
d) to took a trip

What is this word “cuisine” mean?
a) Drink
b) Meal
c) Desert
d) Cookie

Which word’s mean is similar to “customer” ?
a) Client
b) Store
c) Boss
d) Restaurant

The paella do not have the ___?
a) Olive oil
b) Meat
c) Fruit
d) Seafood

The paella is the feature of ___?
a) Spain
b) Japan
c) Taiwan
d) Korea

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