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He hasn't won a game ________ last year.
a) since
b) before
c) after
d) for

When you go to New York, you take picture at liberty of status. What description is not correct?
a) It is symbol violence and brutal.
b) It is sent from French.
c) To represent demorcracy
d) To represent freedom

If you go to America and you want to see the Golden State Bridge. Which state you should go?
a) Washington
b) Seattle
c) Sandiago
d) New York

The Queen will attend the __________opening of the theatre in June.
a) official
b) outcome
c) observe
d) occasion

In the lesson, you know the White House. It is build for___?
a) president
b) soldier
c) visitor
d) other officials

Golden Gate Bridge was built to make travel between ____________ and Marin County easier.
a) San Marino
b) San Francisco
c) San Diego
d) San Antonio

I haven't heard from him _____ last year.
a) since
b) for
c) before
d) on

Please define the word (site). Choose the best definition.
a) a place where something is, was, or will be built, or where something happened
b) something that you have to do because it is part of your job
c) to ask an amount of money for something
d) an amount of) money paid to the government that is based on your income or the cost of goods or services you have bought

The Statue of Liberty is the gift from
a) French
b) China
c) Germany
d) Japan

He ____ a team for the special task.
a) rejected
b) selected
c) exclude
d) refuse

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