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does the nurse have to verify the drug he/she is going to administer if it was given to her already prepared by another nurse?
a) yes, a nurse always has to verify information and dose before administration
b) no, the other nurse is qualified and verifying is not necessary

verifying includes all but:
a) read the order carefully
b) clarify unclear orders with physician
c) verify identity of patient
d) clarify unclear orders with another nurse

evaluation of a patient will tell the nurse if a drug is doing anything useful.
a) true
b) false

knowing the rational of treatment, nature and time course of a drug is a nurse's responsibility
a) true
b) false

Nifedipine is for:
a) hypertension,angina pectoris
b) hypertensin, heart murmur
c) all of these
d) angina pectoris, heart murmur

adherence refers to:
a) a drug binding at a selected site
b) a drug binding to the lining of the intestine and being absorbed
c) a drug compliance by patient
d) none of these

which of these are not non-pharmacologic measures:
a) nebulized treatment
b) breathing exercises
c) biofeedback
d) emotional support

it is the nurse's responsibility to ensure her patient's are educated about their medications
a) true
b) false

a drug history:
a) is not important in an emergency situation
b) only matters when a patient is admitted
c) needs to be thorough
d) include current prescribed drugs

It does not matter if a patient takes an OTC with their prescribed drugs to increase the effect, as long as they follow correct administration
a) true, with the right administration ti does not make a difference
b) false, a patient must be advised about adverse effects from interactions of OTC drugs

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