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Your patient is in need of penicillin but is allergic to it. There are no alternative drugs. Do you:
a) administer anyway, with management for a severe reaction ready
b) find an alternative herbal remedy
c) use a holistic approach not involving drugs
d) administer half the dose

which of these is not an example of predisposing factors?
a) pregnancy
b) pathophysiology (liver/kidneys)
c) race
d) drug allergies

A pt. comes into the ER with a broken arm. The physician orders a higher dose of dilaudid stat.Your patient is high risk.Does the emergency cancel the need for high risk assess.?
a) yes, it's an emergency and they need to get the pt sedated for surgery
b) no, a risk assessment is required anyways

which of these are not 1 of the 3 principal tools to assess high risk patients?
a) patient history
b) diagnostic tests (ct,mri,xray)
c) physical examination
d) laboratory data

you must know the factors that can increase the risk of severe reactions the the drug being administered?
a) true
b) false

can a drug have different doses depending on the reason for administration(indication)?
a) yes
b) no

Aspirin is given in low doses to relieve pain and in higher doses to as an anti-inflammatory
a) true
b) false

Morphine can be administered by:
a) oral only
b) injection and transdermal
c) injection and nebulized
d) oral and injection

which is not considered and injection:
a) iv
b) sub q
c) transdermal
d) im

You are administering a drug that can cause severe local injury. As you are administering you note that a bubble is creating locally. you:
a) check the line, tubing and site and remove in case of extravasation
b) if there is no redness, there is no need to worry
c) do nothing, the drug will still be absorbed by the body
d) press the bubble back down, it is a normal reaction

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