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Conflict With Mexico Ch 9.[print questions]

Give up
a) Cede
b) Tired
c) Quit
d) Quit

A bold young explorer
a) John Cena
b) James K. Polk
c) Stephen Austin
d) John C. Fremont

The annexation of both Texas and Oregon
a) John C. Freemont
b) James Harden
c) General Zachery
d) James K. Polk,

Led a small army in a surprise attack against Santa Anna's army at San Jacinto
a) Christopher Douglous
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Sam Houston
d) Alexander Hamilton

To add on or take over
a) cede
b) annex
c) arm
d) levy

led a group of some 300 Americans into texas
a) Stephen Curry
b) Austin Mohan
c) Stephen Austin
d) Stephen Austin

Government in which one person or a small group holds complete authority
a) Dictator
b) Dictatorship
c) Democracy
d) Democracy

To impose a tax by law
a) levy
b) impose
c) discharge
d) cede

To cause a anger
a) placate
b) pacify
c) provoke
d) plate

Military blockade or bombardment of an enemy town or position in order to force it to surrender
a) relief
b) arrest
c) remission
d) siege

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